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Record of 18 Supertall Skyscrapers Completed Last Year

2018 witnessed the construction of 18 new skyscraper buildings that fall into the category of ‘supertall.’ This amount is the highest ever reported for a single year, with most of this architectural marvels being produced in China.

According to the annual report from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), 11 of the completed super-tall buildings (measuring over 300 metres high) were completed in China.

The CTBUH calculated that of the 143 new skyscraper buildings completed last year, 88 were built in China, which also built 80 tall buildings in 2017 and 86 in 2016.

In Shenzhen alone, there were 14 new skyscraper buildings, accounting for close to 10% of the worldwide total. The United States was a close second, with 13 new buildings measuring over 200 metres.

The tallest new building is in Beijing. Measuring 528 metres high, the CITC Tower, also known as the China Zun, is now the world’s ninth-tallest building.

Other noteworthy skyscrapers completed last year include the China Resources tower in Shenzhen (KPF) and the  Three World Trade Centre in New York (Roger Stirk Harbour + Partner).

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Antony Wood, chief of CTBUH, said that it is not surprising that tall buildings are being constructed at such a rapid pace. World urbanisation continues to expand, making it necessary to build the equivalent of a new one-million-person city each week to accommodate it.

The statistics from CTBUH show that the number of new skyscraper buildings being constructed around the globe is levelling off briefly. There were 147 buildings over 200 metres tall built in 2017, but the CTBUH expects 150 to be completed in 2019.

In general, the trend for skyscrapers is taller, with the average tpwer being 247 metres tall, up from the average of 244 metres in 2017.

In addition to the 88 skyscrapers in China and 13 in the USA, there were 13 tall buildings completed in the UAE, followed by seven in Malaysia and five in Indonesia. There were three each in South Korea and Thailand.

A tall building in Columbia had the most unusual history. The BD Bacata Torre 1, which stands 260 metres high, got its financing from crowdfunding.

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