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New Software Enables Accurate 3D Model Creation From Photographs

Bentley Systems has recently provided general access to ContextCapture, a revolutionary new software that uses photos as a blueprint to create 3D models of existing sites and conditions.

The software can be used to support building projects through all stages of design, construction, and use.

Bentley acquired the Acute3D software technology earlier this year, and ContextCapture is its first release using the new acquisition. The software was announced at the Year In Infrastructure Conference, which ran in London from November 3-5.

ContextCapture enables users to effortlessly create high-res 3D models of an existing location using images taken by any digital camera, from simple handheld models to more advanced versions mounted to a vehicle or UAV. Using the resulting images, the software generates a comprehensive reality model that incorporates the referenced photography. The result is a 3D model that is navigable with intricate and photo realistic detail, crisp edges, and precise geometric proportions. These models can be of practically any resolution or size, matched to city scale, and produced a lot more swiftly than with other technologies.

Bentley also confirmed that there would now be general access to the ContextCapture Center, a cloud-supported form of grid computing that dramatically speeds up processing time for larger models, which can entail up to 30 gigapixels of imagery.

AEROmetrex, the 3D modelling experts, have been established as innovators in reality capture and have worked closely with Bentley Systems on ContextCapture prior to its public release.

David Byrne, AEROmetrex technical director, said that ContextCapture enables the automatic construction of detailed 3D of practically any size for clients, more quickly and at a much lower cost. He said that its most powerful feature is the impressive context it provides to enable better decisions throughout building design, construction, and operations.

Mr Byrne stated that ContextCapture allows users to create a completely photo-detailed, geographically-situated 3D model, all of it derived from digital photography. Once the models have been put together, they can be viewed quickly and easily on any mobile or desktop device.

“We think ContextCapture is going to revolutionize the geospatial industry,” he said.

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Among the significant advantages that Bentley’s new ContextCapture offers to users are:

  • A new browser plug-in and desktop viewer that can be used on different platforms. This feature enables the easy and consistent sharing of reality meshes on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Adaptive tiling and stronger level-of-detail generation, supported by tools for volume and surface management.
  • Providing direct context for geospatial and engineering workflows, including built-in support inside MicroStation CONNECT Edition


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