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New Tesla Solar Roof a Stunning and Sustainable asset for homes

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, was telling the truth when he said that his company’s new solar roof was more attractive than an ordinary one.

This new product, which can harness the power of solar energy, truly does bear no resemblance to the unwieldy and highly visible aftermarket panels being applied to houses whose owners are trying to be more eco-friendly. Tesla recently presented the four unique styles of the solar roofing: ‘Smooth Glass Tile’, ;Tuscan Glass Tile’, ‘Slate Glass Tile’ and ‘Textured Glass Tile’. Each model presents a different look and aesthetic impression, but they all bear close resemblance to roofing material styles in current use. Each one is also transparent when exposed to solar rays, but is opaque when looked at from an angle. Elon Musk confirmed that the present versions of the solar tiles have a two percent loss when it comes to efficiency, so delivers 98% of the performance available from a traditional solar panel. Tesla, however, is working with 3M to improve the coatings that would give them the potential to exceed normal efficiency, since it could trap the sunlight inside, causing it to bounce around and result in a lower rate of energy loss from diffusion is complete.


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Price is also an attractive factor. The new solar roof costs less than some traditional solutions, and electricity will be similar or more competitive in price than the price of a regular roof combined with the cost of grid-produced electricity. Tesla did not provide specific pricing when the solar roof was unveiled, since the final cost will depend on several factors, including the installation requirements on a per home basis. Mainstream roofing materials do not provide post-installation financial benefit to the homeowner, other than improving the value of the property. The Tesla product accomplishes this by generating enough energy to completely power an entire household.

The power is set up to be retained in the new Powerwall 2.0 battery units so that residents can have a reserve available when needed. The first installations of the new solar roof should start appearing by the summer of 2017. Tesla intends to begin with one or two of the four tile models, and then slowly increase the available options. Being made from quartz glass, they should last longer than an asphalt tile. According to Musk, they should last even longer than the house itself.


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