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World’s First Prefabricated Tower Building

Many man-made wonders exist in Dubai: the world’s largest biggest shopping mall, largest man-made island, and tallest building, to name a few.

Now, thanks to David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture, Dubai may soon be home to the world's first rotating prefabricated skyscraper.

Mr. Fisher’s goal is to create a 1,273-foot, 80-story tower with floors capable of rotating 360 degrees in both directions. He explained that the origin for the idea was the Olympic Tower in New York, a rotating tower that continuously changed shape.

Recalling his visit to the tower a decade ago, he noticed that from one spot, occupants could see the East River and the Hudson River on both sides of the city. He wondered why the entire floor could not be rotated, allowing people to see Saint Patrick's Cathedral as well as both rivers.

Mr. Fisher proposed the concept in 2008, but the idea never took flight Now he hopes that the Dynamic Tower, as the  prefabricated skyscraper would be called, will be reaching for the Dubai skyline by 2020. Even in a city populated by high-rises, it would be one of the tallest buildings in Dubai.


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If everything transpires according to plan, the Dynamic Tower’s rotating floors will be only one of its high-tech and futuristic attractions. Residents will be able to rotate their apartments simply by using voice-activated technology to issue a command, and the building’s energy will be produced by up to 79 wind turbines located between the floors and the roof solar panels.

That’s not all. A special elevator installed in the concrete central core will allow residents to convey their automobiles to their floor and park it near their apartment.

The floors of the towers will be prefabricated, made of carbon fibre, aluminium, and steel materials. According to Mr. Fisher, the floors will be assembled at an offsite factory and later applied to the Dynamic Tower, which is another first for high rises.

It is not yet known how much this groundbreaking project will cost, but according to Dynamic Architecture, individual apartments will cost anywhere from four to $40 million.

Mr. Fisher said he hoped that the tower would trigger a shift in the way that architects approach their jobs. He pointed out that architects should design buildings that change in accordance with life. They should adapt to occupant functionalities, space, needs, and even sense of beauty, all of which can continually change.

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