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Prefab Building That Builds Itself In 8 Minutes

Constructing a building usually takes years -but it doesn't have to. Ten Fold Engineering, a UK-based company, creates prefabricated buildings that can be set up in eight minutes. All you need is a drill for the finishing touches.

These customisable buildings measure 689 square feet and can be used as homes, offices, shops, classrooms, and any other type of small space or structure needed. Inside the building, walls can be adjusted to create an interior layout that best meets your needs. All it takes to begin the formation process is the touch of a button.

Ten Fold Engineering’s prefab buildings can be stacked and connected in several different combinations to make structures with multiple storeys and interior units. The ability to collapse them back down and move them by lorry from one location to the next makes them an ideal option for temporary offices, seasonal use buildings, and even disaster relief housing. Even when folded, these buildings can store furniture inside them.

According to the company, a Ten Fold unit arguably has a longer lifespan than a traditionally constructed building. The durable and expertly formed steel chassis and strong parts can, if properly maintained, last indefinitely.

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Interestingly, the buildings feature solar panels and bolt-on battery storage for those who prefer to live off-grid.

The panels are easy to detach, allowing the structure to be taken down or reconfigured to suit owner needs, and the modularity of the cassettes enables constant building rejuvenation. Even the power system that operates the lever setup can be changed if needed, ensuring that the structure has an efficient cost of ownership. This ability to adapt helps the prefab buildings remain ‘future proof’.

According to the company website, the positive response to the concept of prefab buildings has been huge. It has become clear that individuals and organisations from all backgrounds can benefit from the flexibility and convenience that prefab designs like Ten Fold Technology makes available.

Because people’s needs may vary according to country, region, and supporting structures, Ten Fold Engineering is developing different versions of its prefab buildings to respond to these specific challenges.

The company has confirmed on its website that the most efficient way to meet the variety, scale, and urgency of the demand is by licensed manufacture, and many existing factories will easily be able to adapt to manufacture Ten Fold technology.

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