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Jomas Developments Confirm New Projects Worth £14M

Jomas Developments, a Teesside property developer, has confirmed that it will be building five new supermarkets this year. The entire value of the projects is worth an estimated £14m.

The developer, which has already completed for supermarket projects in 2016, will soon be building a Netto in Nottinghamshire, an Aldi in Washington, and a large Marks & Spencer and two new convenience stores in Northallerton.

Jomast Developments stated that the new retail outlets will create new job opportunities across the country, with over 100 posions in total being opened up.

The North East Aldi, which will measure 18,546 sq.ft., intends to engage 30 full-time staff and make a 93-vehicle capacity carpark available. The 11,250 sq ft. Netto will create a combination of 25 full and part-time positions for residents of Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire. The superstore will also have a carpark with 70 spaces for employee and customer vehicles.

Jomast development director Adam Hearld said that the company has been developing supermarkets for several years, and its business model has changed along with the sector.

Mr Hearld explained that Jomast has evolved and adapted in accordance with customer demand. Because retailers no longer require large format outlets, the company has aligned itself with the current requirements.

As a business, Jomast has made a point of adjusting to the market. Discounters, premium food retailers, and c-store operators are all very acquisitive in the current business climate, and Mr Hearld confirmed that the developer is pleased to be working with them.

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The new Marks & Spencer under development in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, will supply a bigger site that will enable the popular retailer to relocate to a specifically constructed store in the middle of the historic market community.

Rob Murray, Marks & Spencer head of property planning, said that the company is looking forward to opening its new Northallerton location and improving both the range and quality of the services it offers to local customers.

He confirmed that the store will also offer a M&S cafe in addition to free onsite parking and added that M&S is enjoying its partnership with Jomast to bring Northallerton the best retail experience that the company has to offer.

Mr. Hearld added that 2016 appears set to be an active and exciting year for Jomast, with its development schedule including a vibrant mix of retail, residential, leisure, and mixed-use schemes calculated to provide maximum value to the surrounding communities.


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