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Top 7 Property Tech Companies to Follow

Proptech, as property tech is also known, is continuing to grow as more UK startups are using technology to change the property market. From choosing a rental to making a wise investment, property tech startups are making things easier for buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords.

Here are seven of the UK’s top proptech startups.

1. RentProfile

Founded in 2016, RentProfile is the country’s first online network of verified renters, landlords, and agents. Both property renters and landlords can do background checks on one another using profiles that display key credentials. Rentprofile also carries out additional security checks using a verification process powered by a proprietary algorithm.

2. Thirdfort

Established in 2017 after a friend of the founders was defrauded during a London flat purchase, Thirdfort is an FCA-regulated property tech startup that uses ID verification to help property buyers and legal professionals validate funding sources. It works with lawyers to help identify clients and protect money transfers during sales.

3. Hipla

Hipla has a property management and real estate platform that helps potential buyers determine what they can afford and compare to other buyers looking in the area. It was founded in 2016 and uses a scoring system to provide immediate transparency between buyers, sellers, and estate agents. Hipla also keeps everyone’s information current by sending real-time updates whenever a buyer or seller makes a change.

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4. Nested

Nested is a property tech startup that promises to help homeowners sell their home in 90 days or they will provide the funds to make the homeowner’s next purchase interest-free.

Created in January 2016 by the founder of GoCardless, the former CTO of Songkick, and a former business consultant, it uses algorithms to provide an instant property valuation to sellers and guarantees a minimum price from the beginning. It promises to sell the home within 90 days or give the seller the money.

After reviewing the valuation and organising an inspection, Nested will confirm an offer, arrange viewings, and place advertisements on property portals. In exchange, it charges a minimum of 1.8% on a completed sale and takes an additional 20% of any excess of the algorithmically determined value.

5. Lavanda

Lavanda is dedicated to the short-term rental market. Its proprietary technology enables agents to help those looking for short-term home stays.

In January, Lavanda launched an app designed to solve tenancy problems due to subletting. It helps landlords and tenants determine the number of days in a year that the property can be legally sublet. It will help tenants reduce their living expenses by monetising low-capacity periods while landlords can take a percentage of the revenue.

6. REalyse

REalyse provides property investors with a faster and more efficient way to make decisions by integrated a broad range of datasets that foresee the property market in the UK for over 20 years. Its data analytics platform provides professionals and businesses with accurate property expertise and real-time data such as property prices, yields, and demographics..

7. Proportunity

Proportunity helps first-time homebuyers by using machine learning to predict a property’s future value and then allowing them to borrow against the estimate. It was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs who worked with the Machine Learning residency programme at Google Campus London to market their vision as a shared equity loan.

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