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Carlisle Resident Discovers That He Owns the ‘Wrong’ Flat

A Carlisle man has just discovered that for the past six years he has been living in one flat while really owning the one next door.

The error has resulted in a series of legal challenges as he tries to sell the property.

Mr Chris Meyer realised the major mistake after attempting to sell the three-bedroom flat on Willow Holme Road in Carlisle. The solicitor for the would-be buyer contacted him to advise that there was a serious problem.

As it turns out, Mr Meyer and his next-door neighbours are not the only ones in this predicament. Out of the fifteen people living in the building, 10 of them are now facing the same dilemma.

Mr Meyer said that he lived in flat number 8 because he assumed that was the unit he had bought. Land Registry documents, however, show that he actually owns number 9. The legal owner of his own flat was the neighbour in number 7.

He confirmed that 10 owners in total were affected by the mix-up.

“It’s a complete mess,” he said, adding that the buyer withdrew their offer.


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The other five units in the building have registry documents confirming that their ownership has been correctly attributed.

To complicate matters, some owners have rented out their flats and not yet replied to written requests to deal with the issue.

Mr Meyer used Carlisle law office Burnetts to purchase the flat. Managing partner Nick Gutteridge said that it was his former client’s responsibility to review the title report for the correct property.

Mr Gutteridge stated that although his office is not responsible for the mixup, it has gone above and beyond to assist Mr Meyer. Steps taken to help rectify the issue have included liaising with the other affected owners and their mortgage providers.

He added that Burnetts has encouraged Mr Meyer to solicit independent legal advice, but remains willing to keep helping him if he wishes it.

Mr Meyer insisted that the problem should never have happened in the first place. He pointed out that while Burnetts claims it was his responsibility to review the title report, he paid them for conveyancing services that would prevent issues like this from arising.

“That’s why you get a solicitor for these things,” he insisted, adding that he simply wants someone to correct the problem so that he can move forward.


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