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Will You Be Using Bitcoin to Secure Your Next Home?

Largest residential property developer in Northern Ireland, Hagan Homes, is offering potential homebuyers another way in which they can purchase their dream home - via Bitcoin, the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially since its explosion into the mainstream in 2017.  At the start of that year, Bitcoin was estimated to be worth just short of $1000 (£700).  By the end of the year, it was worth more than $19,000 (£13,450).  And so with it’s popularity on the rise, it seems only right to allow those purchasing property to use Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Hagan Homes is a prestigious residential property developer based in Ballyclare.  Founded back in 1988 by James Hagan, the company has gone from strength to strength, as its climbed its way to becoming the largest residential property developer in the whole of Northern Ireland.   In the 27 years Hagan Homes has been operating, it’s constructed more than 3000 homes across the country.


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In order for the business to continue to succeed in this lucrative market, managing director James Hagan believes it's necessary to stay ahead of the game. And one of the ways to do that is by accepting Bitcoin as a standard payment method option.  Hagan is a big believer that Bitcoin is very similar to cash and is essentially a new kind of money.  By recognising it’ growth and integrating it within their own business model, the company is displaying a clear message that it too can move with the times and is in full support of the cryptocurrency market.  Of course, Hagan recognises that it won’t be an easy ride, and that there will be many hurdles to overcome along the way.  But, better to start now and iron out the issues later, right?

While Hagan Homes may be the first residential property developer in Northern Ireland to accept Bitcoin as payment for property, it’s certainly not the only company jumping on this bandwagon.  Just last month, Washington D.C. -based property developer Coloma River Capital alongside the Alex Venditti Group also began to accept payment by Bitcoin for some of its properties located in the exclusive St James Place Condos.

You can now spend Bitcoins in various establishments, both online and in store.  Big names such as Papa Johns and Subway will happily accept the cryptocurrency as a valid method of payment. So, for those of you who are still trying to get to grips with Bitcoin, you had better get your skates on as it’s coming in a big way.

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