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Housing Completion in Scotland

Housebuilders throughout Scotland have responded positively to government statistics showing an increase of 4.8% in the number of housing completions last year but spotlighted the volume of work that remains to be done to solve the country’s housing crisis.

In 2017, only 806 more homes were constructed than in 2016.

According to government statistics, 11,677 affordable properties were approved in Scotland in 2017 and early 2018. This figure represents a 14% increase over the previous year. They are also the third consecutive yearly increase since 2014-15.

Between October and December 2017, 4,344 new housing completions were done, which is 7% higher than the total reported during the same quarter the year before. The total for the year to end in December 2017 is 17,739 homes, which is 5% higher than the amount completed in 2016.

Construction began on 4,483 new homes between October and December 2017: 151 more than in the same quarter the year before. The total for the year ending December 2017 is 19,702, which is 8% higher than the 18,314 properties started in 2016.

The statistics show that 3,352 private sector homes were completed between October and December 2017, or 386 fewer properties than the same quarter in 2016. The year-end total came to 13,750, which is 5% more housing completions than the year before.

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Between October and December 2017 there were 3,247 starts led by the private sector. This total is 1% higher than the result for the same quarter in 2016. The total for 2017 is 13,774, which is 4% more homes than the starts in the previous year.

The challenges

With lack of available housing continuing to limit everyone’s prospects, Homes for Scotland Chief Executive Nicola Barclay said that the positive figures for new housing starts and completions were good news but the modest gains reveal the challenge that still exists.

Ms. Barclay said that Homes for Scotland members, who supply homes of all types, claim to encounter problems with the regulatory consents process. These difficulties prevent them from getting workers on site fast enough to meet the demand that exists.

Homes for Scotland also referenced the regional disparities in place, discovered through new data it was putting together regarding the locations of its Local Home Builder Area Committees. Their figures show that last year, housing growth in Scotland was driven by the South East at 20.8% and Highland & Moray at 18.4% while the East Central region experienced a 16.2% decline.

Ms. Barclay said that both member companies and local authorities must work together to help local areas get the housing needed to sustain their economies and communities.

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