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Latest Show Home & Interior Design Trends in 2015

Many developers have their own in house interior design team who are in charge of the décor in their show homes. Other developers outsource the interiors to an interior design freelancer or specialist team.

For the developer the show homes are a vital selling tool and it is important to create modern and luxurious surroundings that will hopefully persuade the public to part with their cash and buy a new property.

Of course smaller developers building just a handful of houses may also use this route in order to entice prospects to buy a property in their housing scheme. Even a builder creating a single property to sell on will want to dress the interior of the property in the best way to attract buyers.

While investing in interior design for a build may seem like extra cost that can be avoided, it can in fact be a great investment by helping your homes to sell faster and also helping you to achieve the best price for your property.

So if you're a self builder or house builder looking for ideas and the most up to date interior design trends read on, we have scouted out show homes and raided the major design magazines to bring you the biggest interior design trends ahead in 2015.

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper featuring bold patterns had its time in the sun during the 1970s but has been largely forgotten about over the past few decades with designers preferring simple neutral wallpapers and paints for their wall coverings.

However a new modern take on bold wallpaper is back this year with some interesting materials now possible thanks to new manufacturing techniques. Expect to see new intriguing textures and materials such as woven fabric wallpapers plus embossed wallpaper that adds depth and character.

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Warm Pastel Colours

Sage greens, warm pinks and soft lavender pastel colours are a key trend for 2015. Adding this splash of soft colour could leave the men viewing the house feeling a bit cold – some think the pastel shades are a bit too feminine. To strike the right balance you need to set of the colours with contrasting furniture – black, grey and white work well to stand out from the pastel shades as do metallics – try copper or gold for instance.

Fusion Styling

The latest interiors trend this season is an interesting idea based around contrast. For it to work well you need to use a mixture of styles – old furniture mixed and matched with modern pieces and colours. Fusion styling is all about mixing interior design ideas of the past with new ones to create something exciting. The great thing about this trend is it lets you get the best of everything and use all your favourite old furniture pieces to dress a house. Combine contemporary lines alongside rustic looks and you will be onto a winner.

Geometric patterns

A continuing trend from last year is geometric patterns which are an ideal way to give a living space a modern and up to date look. Because geometric patterns are so bold and striking they can be used to create distinct divides in rooms or even to tie different parts of a room together.


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