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Skyscraper in China Features 108-Metre Waterfall

China is constructing the latest in a series of innovative and inspiring skyscrapers, only this one has a giant waterfall built into its facade.

The Liebian International Building, which stands 121 metres tall, is in Guiyang, southwest China. Its celebrated skyscraper waterfall is 108 metres high. This majestic feature, which is one of the world’s largest artificial waterfalls and the tallest to be incorporated into a structure, is powered by four pumps drawing water from underground tanks of rainwater and runoff.

Ludi Industry Group is developing this dramatic building and skyscraper waterfall. It is not yet complete, but the water system has been operable for two years.

Although in-depth details about the Liebian International Building are not presently available, it is part of a complex that features another, equally high skyscraper that reaches for the sky from a podium. The towers will include a luxury hotel and offices while the podium structure will contain a shopping centre.

Cheng Xiamao, director of Ludi Industry Group, said that the architect designed the skyscraper to bring water into the city. He is quoted as saying that Guiyang is a city with many mountains and trees, like a forest, and the architect wanted to create an atmosphere of greenery and water, even in the midst of skyscrapers.

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The press also reported that the waterfall has only been operated six times because its running cost amounts to £90 per hour.

The tower and skyscraper waterfall is part of a Chinese trend toward unusually shaped structures. Developers and cities are both vying for attention in the midst of the country’s construction boom. Examples of unique-shaped architecture include the MAD horseshoe-shaped hotel in Huzhou and the Guangzhou doughnut-shaped tower.

This trend prompted Chinese president Xi Jinping to call for a stop to the country’s obsession with “weird architecture” four years ago. He was especially critical of the OMA CCTV headquarters, which is located in Beijing.

The Liebian International Building is one of many new Asian towers with tall waterfall-type features. The Changi Airport by Moshe Safdie will feature a 40-metre-high waterfall in the middle while Grimshaw is designing a 50-metre tall indoor waterfall at the Chinese Eden Project. Once complete, it will be the world's tallest indoor waterfall.

The tallest artificial waterfall in the world, the Cascata delle Marmore in Umbria, was created by the ancient Romans and stood 65 metres high.

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