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How Do Brits Really Feel About Smart Home Technology?

According to research carried out by Ernst & Young, 43% of UK residents own at least one smart home product. Sellhousefast.uk explored this trend further by analysing data from Eureaka!, which surveyed 946 British households to acquire a better understanding of British attitudes towards smart home tech.

Their analysis revealed that 72% of survey respondents saw their lounges as the best room for smart technology. Second place, with 53% of the votes, went to the kitchen, and 34% said that the bedrooms were the best spaces for smart home tech to be implemented. The landing received the fewest votes when it came to be a suitable location for smart products and devices.

Sellhousefast.uk managing director Robby Du Toit said that the rise of smart home technology in the past few years has been massive. Despite UK residents being sceptical in the beginning, improved awareness and a shift towards affordable pricing have resulted in a greater appeal for smart home tech.

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Mr. Du Toit commented that British people are starting to have a better understanding of the smart technologies that they want and are more willing to actively use it in their homes.

He pointed out that with smart home device integration expected to become an incentive for homebuyers and renters, the technology could be an important part of increasing overall property values.

In addition, the house selling firm investigated the different smart home tech products that homeowners are interested in the most. It found that security systems such as video doorbells held the most appeal, with 47% of survey respondents planning to buy a system in the next couple of years. Nearly half also wanted ‘smart lights’, which will enable them to use wireless connections to adjust the colour/brightness of their home lighting system.

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