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Stewart Milne Group Heads Project to Speed Up Housebuilding

Aberdeen-based Stewart Milne Group is among the construction companies and organisations working together on a research and development project to tackle the UK housing shortage by speeding up housebuilding.

The Advanced Industrialised Methods for the Construction of Homes (AIMCH) project is valued at £6.5 million and intended to help deliver 120,000 homes per year.

The hope is that offsite construction can provide housing faster and at the same cost as traditionally-built homes.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which is managed by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, has awarded funding to the project.

Stewart Milne Group is working with Barratt Developments PLC, Forster Roofing Services Ltd., and other firms on the three-year project, which will be managed by Limberger Associates.

The project aims to address industry challenges such as the ageing workforce, skills shortage,

low affordability, low output, and poor productivity. There will be live project trials on new methods, with successful ones being developed for additional use.

The goal is to deliver 120,000 new homes at one-third of the usual output speed and a reduction of 50% in construction defects.



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Stewart Dalgarno, AIMCH project director at Stewart Milne, said that tens of thousands of new homes are needed across the UK each year, but it is also imperative that these properties are higher-quality, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and improved construction performance. Industrialised offsite construction and digital working can be part of the process, but they are not yet regarded as feasible alternatives to traditional housebuilding methods.

AIMCH intends to use industrialisation to change how homes are built in the UK, leading to more properties that can be built quickly. Mr. Delgarno said that he believed it would encourage the housing sector to move towards digital integrated manufacturing whilst overcoming the problems that currently prevent the sector from accomplishing what it needs to.

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