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Structural Insurance – Your New Hollywood Hero?

Disasters have been the subject of movies since the time of the silent film right up to the mega million pounds Hollywood blockbusters of today.

In any disaster movie there is a certain set of circumstances that always occur. Firstly normal everyday life is thrown into disarray by a catastrophe of some sort, that is often caused by human error. Next you see the main characters involved in the plot struggling with the physical and emotional impact of the event. The other thing that you always find in a disaster movie is a hero. Someone or something that comes along and saves the day in the end for a happy ending.

In many ways this scenario is a lot like what happens in the case of a structural defect in a new home. A crack appears in the wall of a new home for instance, and structural insurance comes to the rescue and provides the necessary repairs or rebuilding work.

The structural defect can be caused by human error such as a fault in the architect design, the building contractors method of construction, it could even be down to a fault in the materials or using the wrong materials for the job.

Either way, no matter what the cause, the structural defect can be a catastrophic event with worrying consequences.

Homeowners who suffer a structural fault can face significant repair bills with the average cost estimated to be £42,000. This sort of money would decimate the savings of most families or even mean they had to take out a loan to put the faults right.

If that wasn't bad enough, as the building would be unsafe to inhabit the family would also face the prospect of temporarily relocating until work could be completed.

Specialists in Construction Insurance

It's easy to see how this is a stressful situation that could spiral out of control and cause a lot of unneeded hassle!

Thankfully, to go back to our movie analogy, home buyers who have structural insurance in place, have a hero that can come to their rescue.

Structural insurance is in place for 10 years from the time a new home is completed and covers the cost to repair or rebuild any problems caused by structural defects in that period including:

  • Defects in the design, materials, and workmanship
  • Incorrect or insufficient foundations
  • Subsidence
  • Incorrect load bearing calculations

Structural insurance is completely transferable to new owners should the property be sold within the structural defects insurance period. This can be a major selling point as most buyers won't be able to raise a mortgage on the property without this insurance in place.

So the message is simple; if you are looking to buy a new home or a newly converted property such as a barn conversion or a restoration – structural insurance is a must.

With insurance in place from a reputable company such as CRL you can sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong with the structure of your new home we will be along to save the day!


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