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Structural Warranty for Builders

Most people would not purchase a new home that was not covered by a 10-year structural warranty, but self-builders throughout the UK are foregoing these warranties for their properties and choosing instead to have an architect certify their home.

On the surface, this may trim down the project budget, but the savings could be insignificant in the long run because an architect’s certificate is not a type of insurance. It simply states that the house has been built to the required minimum standard. Nothing else.

How a structural warranty for Builders can help

If a structural fault becomes apparent once construction on your home is complete, you the homeowner would have to take legal action to prove that the architect’s negligence caused the fault. This prospect is more expensive and arduous than having a structural warranty that covers this type of defect whether the architect was to blame or not.

Once taken out, a structural warranty typically lasts for 10 years and provides cover for the following:

  • The cost of partial and even complete rebuilding or corrective work to any part of the home that has been seriously damaged
  • The cost of correcting any defect in the design, materials, components or workmanship in the building’s drainage system
  • The cost of fixing, replacing or correcting any part of the waterproof envelope that has experienced water damage due to a defect in the design, materials, components or workmanship
  • The cost of fixing any defects in the newly constructed chimneys and flues that present an imminent danger to the occupants


Structural Defects Insurance

On top of all this coverage, a structural warranty typically includes a technical audit of the build site and technical inspections at various stages. These added measures not only reassure you that your home is being built properly, but can also enable the next stage of your self-build mortgage to be released if you happen to be using an advance stage payment mortgage.

If you intend to sell your self-built home within 10 years after it has been completed, a structural warranty that can be passed on to the buyer and new owner for the balance of its term presents a powerful purchase incentive.

When you are getting ready to begin a self-build project, you will want to acquire your site insurance and structural warranty while everything is still in the planning stages. This will ensure that if problems arise during the build, the means to tackle any issues is easily accessible.

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