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Structural Warranty: Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for Structural Warranty Providers for your building project it's likely you'll have a few questions on who is the right company to work with.

Here we take an overview of the main options you have and give you a few reasons why we think working alongside CRL as your structural insurance provider is a smart choice.

What Exactly is a Structural Defects Insurance?

A Structural Warranty is designed to provide insurance for the first ten years after a new building is completed. If a serious structural fault appears as the house settles down during it's first few years of use, for example there could be problems with walls cracking, the roof structure or a fault with the damp proofing, then you will be covered. The Structural Warranty provider will arrange for the problems to be fixed instead of the building owner having to chase the builders or architects involved in the project and potentially take them to court.

Usually a Warranty provider will be appointed before a building project starts and they will undertake a technical audit to review the building plans and then inspect the house during construction to ensure all the latest building regulations are being applied and help to spot any potential problems. Sometimes a structural warranty provider will be appointed after building work has started or even been completed and can provide retrospective cover for a building.

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Do I need a structural warranty?

Structural Warranties are not compulsory by law but in practice most people need one because financial lenders will not approve loans on a new home, less than ten years old, without one.

Doesn't the building inspector cover against structural faults?

The building inspector from your local planning office and surveyors from a structural warranty provider have similar jobs but work independently of each other.

The building inspector is there to ensure that all the latest building regulations are met, but if something does go wrong then you can't claim against your building inspector for the cost to fix your new home.

You may think that if your project meets all the building regulations that nothing can go wrong but unfortunately that is not the case. People such as inspectors, architects and builders can make mistakes, there can be faults with the building materials you use in the structure of a new building or there could be issues with the land the building is constructed on. A structural warranty covers you against all these potential risks.

Why Choose CRL for your cover

Here is a list of important points that can help you compare CRL against other structural warranty providers.

-CRL are approved by lenders who account for approximately 95% of mortgage lending in the UK market. This means it's most likely the mortgage provider you choose will accept our cover when approving your loan.

-CRL offer excellent customer service through every step of the process from initial quote through to certificate and aftercare.

-We have regional offices throughout the UK, with England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all covered.

-We are international – we have an office in Marbella, Spain too.

-We employ full time, fully qualified surveyors who can ensure your project is completed to all the latest building regulations.

-CRL have over significant experience in this specialist niche, providing insurance to cover the structure of new buildings.

For more information on CRL and how we could help on your project with our latent defects cover please get in touch with our helpful team.

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