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The Sunday Times British Home Awards Winners

The British Home Awards was established on the premise that good design needs to be highlighted and championed.

New properties frequently follow a cookie-cutter design strategy, and this year’s Home Awards celebrate the exact opposite approach, with designs that respond to their sites and their future occupants.

The entire range of UK residential developments was represented, from restoration of historic buildings and one-off homes to placemaking and bigger-scale urban development. Traditional categories represent diverse markers, including build to rent, affordable rented, and first-time buyer. New categories have also been added to broaden the recognition and reach of the awards.

Included in the awards ceremony is the Manser Medal, which recognises excellence in one-off design. This year’s winner was the Coombe Park house by Eldridge London in southwest London. The panel, which personally visited shortlisted designs, praised the property for its immaculate detailing and unique connection with its sculpted garden.

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The winners are… our clients

Another of the standout British Home Awards winners was the Multi-Generation Garden Village by CRL client, Build Eco.

Build Eco took the top spot in the Green and Pleasant Homes Design Competition with FlexiVillage.  The project involves a pedestrianised, high-density core with homes made from the Build Eco pre-fabricated modular construction system. It offers clean construction, accelerated delivery, low environmental impact, and bespoke design. The system enables the delivery of additional housing models, including custom build and co-housing that can easily be extended to meet future needs.

FlexiHouse homes are made up of cassette panels that interlock to assemble homes of up to two storeys and three bedrooms, with bespoke interior and exterior finishes. Village residents can cycle or walk everywhere on paths with photovoltaic panelled canopies. These panels power car charging areas, CCTV, and LED street lights.

Build Eco was established in 2013 to bring a variety of modular and eco-designed homes to the expanding custom-build and self-build markets. The company even delivers homes that meet the requirements of housing associations and local authorities. Designs have also been developed for modular education buildings like schools and colleges.

Other Home Awards winners across all 17 categories displayed remarkable ingenuity, from the Quest, a slender, tree-framed home designed for a retired Dorset couple to modern limestone terraces at Gabriel Square in St. Albans. This year’s judges agree that developers are showing a lot more attention to detail and producing more unique and innovating designs as a result.

The standout Home Awards scheme of the year was the regeneration of the housing estate in St John’s Hill, south London, where brick facades are enlivened by relief sculptures. Created by Hawkins/Brown and Peabody (which won Architect of the Year and Developer of the Year respectively) It took the top spot for Development of the Year (under 200 homes) and was shortlisted for the Apartment Development Award.

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