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Structural Warranty Quote Process – Helpful Guide

Read through our useful guide on the information you will need to obtain a Structural Warranty Quote for your self-build project, property conversion or property renovation.

If you're a self-builder or first time developer constructing a new home you may know you need to take out structural insurance to cover you against any structural defects that may occur in the first ten years after the building work is completed, but you may be unsure on exactly what information you will need to obtain a Structural Warranty quote and what the process will look like.

For most new builds the process of taking out Structural Warranty and obtaining a structural insurance quote will begin before construction work starts for two main reasons.

Firstly experienced self builders and developers know that they need a Structural Warranty to protect their investment and to attract and convert buyers if they are looking to sell the property within the first ten years, and secondly if they require finance for their project they know that UK banks and other lenders will require a Structural Warranty to be in place before they will release the funds of a self-build loan.

By working with a Structural Warranty firm such as CRL at the start of the process it allows our fully qualified Surveyors to examine your plans and make visits to you on site to ensure that all the latest building regulations are being met.

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What details do you need to obtain a Structural Warranty quote?

At CRL we try to make the quote process as simple as possible with an easy to complete online Structural Defects Insurance Quote form which you can find here.

If you prefer you can also call us with your details and we will prepare a quote for you.

To get started you will need your basic contact information such as business name, telephone number, email, address and other contact details.

Next we will ask you for details on what kind of consumer of constructor you are e.g. Self-Builder, Property Developer, Property Buyer, Builder, or other property professional such as an Architect.

Finally we will need to take as many details as possible about your construction project. This will include things such as the location of your building site, the number of dwellings to be constructed, and the project type such as New Build, Renovation, or Conversion.

Further details needed will include the property type, whether it is a residential or commercial building, the stage of building you are currently at for example is it a new build, are you part way through construction or is the building complete and you require retrospective cover.

Other important details that will help us quickly provide you with a Structural Insurance Quote will include the experience of the builder working on the project, the size of the planned completed building in m2, the total construction cost or estimated cost per unit, plus details of the surveyor working on the project.

Receiving your Structural Insurance Quote from CRL

We aim to provide a quick turnaround on your quote for latent defects insurance, and in order to get back to you as soon as possible please ensure you send us as much information as possible.

We offer competitive premiums which are related to the scale of your project and other factors such as the experience of the builder.

To complete you request for a quote visit our online form here.

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