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Top Ten Trends in 2016 For Building & Construction

The building industry is always evolving. This article examines the concepts and materials that will be featured prominently in the top 10 building trends of this year. From unique space planning to eye-opening conveniences you never knew you needed until now, daring and creativity will be the bywords for 2016.

1. Posh Pet Quarters

Today’s homeowners are determined to accommodate the needs of their pets, and they don’t mind spending extra to do so. Turf runs, custom food and water cabinets, ‘pet rooms’ and even washing-and-drying setups are all making an appearance in new builds and renovations.

2. Kid Spaces

Children are now being factored into building designs instead of being relegated to pint-sized rooms. Recent innovations include lofts especially for kids, walls with climbing holds for indoor ‘rock climbing’ and cosy hideaways built into bedroom ceilings.

3. Green Power

Clients wanting new homes are insistent on eco-friendly utilities such as foam insulation, sustainable yet efficient heating and cooling systems, and insulated wood windows. Geothermal temperature control systems can be more efficient than a regular HVAC system while reducing overall energy consumption.

4. Turf Lawns

Many homeowners are requesting turf instead of the traditional live lawn. There’s no fertilising, trimming, and mowing required to keep it looking green and manicured. It’s maintenance-free beauty at its finest.

5. Second Kitchens

Backup kitchens are becoming a real asset, especially for those frequent entertainers who don’t want their guests to see their kitchen as anything but sparkling and clean. Custom homebuilders are catering to this new demand by introducing concealed ‘prep’ kitchens where small appliances are stored to eliminate a cluttering effect.

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6. Battery Charging Stations

Everyone needs a place to charge their phones and tablets these days. The solution is electric plugs with built-in USB chargers. One is usually installed on the kitchen side counter or island and one in the main bathroom, easily accessible when a device needs rejuvenating.

7. Wardrobes With a View

The majority of new homes today have his and hers wardrobes in the master bedroom. Some builders are installing first-floor bedroom suites with separate wardrobes AND an outside door that opens to a view of the pool, courtyard, or screened patio. It’s a simple way to get dressed and then go out to face the day.

8. Fitness Rooms

Although mini-gyms have been a fixture in some health-conscious households for a while, modern buyers are demanding higher levels of workout comfort. Amenities such as shock-absorbent flooring, and wall-to-wall mirrors are becoming de rigeur and themed spaces for specific exercises like yoga and pilates are replacing the dim workout rooms of old.

9. Bathroom Spas

Master bathrooms are becoming more elaborate, with heated and touch-free toilets, two-person showers with steam units, heated mirrors, and even freestanding tubs in a variety of artistic shapes and styles.

10. The Super Smart Home

Wi-Fi technology has become so advanced that you can start cooking dinner while you’re out shopping or dim the lights in the bedroom before you get home. That’s exactly what customers are demanding too. TVs, lighting systems, driveway gates, security systems, and other features are now being operated via a single tap on a smartphone or tablet.


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