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Is ‘Tulip’ London’s Next Quirky Skyscraper?

London has been playing host to a variety of quirky skyscrapers. They include the Gherkin, the Walkie-Talkie, and the Cheese Grater. Now a new skyscraper design with a playful name and an ambitious outlook is about to make its name in London- the Tulip.

UK architects Foster + Partners recently revealed their designs for a 1,000-foot / 305-metre skyscraper that will become the second-tallest skyscraper in London.

Work on the skyscraper could start by 2020 and be complete in 2025.

The Tulip Skyscraper will stand adjacent to the Gherkin, as 30 St. Mary Axe is more frequently called, which is another creative brainchild of Foster + Partners. However, instead of hosting commercial or office space, the architects have confirmed that the new building will serve as an educational and cultural resource.

Plans depict a tall stem capped by a glass top that will contain a bar, viewing galleries, and restaurants that present diners with 360-degree views of London. Visitors will also be able to ride in viewing pods and use internal slides. In addition, there will be an educational facility for schoolchildren, with 20,000 free visits available annually.

Billionaire Jacob J. Safra will fund the scheme. Mr. Safra also owns the Gherkin.

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Mr. Safra said that he was delighted to work with Foster + Partners to bring such a world-class tourist attraction to London. The Tulip Skyscraper’s elegant strength will serve as a complement to the Gherkin.

The new skyscraper is compatible with the local authority’s intention to create a ‘Culture Mile’ that will attract more visitors to the financial district in London.

The plans include a small park and a two-storey pavilion with a rooftop garden, which will also appeal to visitors.

Foster + Partners Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Foster said that the Tulip Skyscraper continues the groundbreaking design of the Gherkin and will present the image of London as a forward-thinking and progressive city.

Mr. Foster said that the building offers a lot of benefits to visitors and Londoners alike as a social and cultural landmark with unsurpassed educational opportunities for future generations.

The Tulip will be only one metre shorter than the Shard across the Thames, which stands 306 metres tall. Another skyscraper is being planned for 1 Undershaft. It will be 304 metres tall.

Buildings in the financial district have their heights restricted by flight paths into the capitol’s city airport.

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