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UK Construction Sector is Still Lacking Female Construction Workers

AXA Business Insurance has released a new report calling for more effort to go into recruiting female construction workers in the UK.

According to the firm, recruiting women into the building trades is just as important as encouraging them onto FTSE 100 boards.

The British construction industry is presently experiencing a skills shortage that looks set to have major long-term ramifications if it is not properly addressed. With Brexit set to occur in the next two years, it is becoming clear that additional shortages are in the forecast. Immigration changes in particular could prevent workers from the EU entering the UK and make it problematic for construction companies to hire skilled workers from the European talentpool.

One of the major recruitment issues is unquestionably the lack of a strong female presence, which could be used to advance many of the skills shortages facing the construction industry. There has certainly been a push in recent months to encourage more women to seek careers in the sector, but to accomplish this there needs to be more support in schools, where extra focus is needed on construction careers.

There is no question that the sector is highly male-dominated and the report argued that it could benefit from more women taking on trade roles.

According to AXA, the stereotypical view of the building trades and construction was deterring women from seeking a career in the sector. The failure to promote women was also leaving the industry dominated by men.

Darrell Sansom, AXA managing director, said that this situation needs to be addressed. He pointed out that the UK Government pledged a £500bn investment in infrastructure projects and a million new homes by the end of the decade, which are both huge milestones that women should not miss out on.

AXA data confirmed that only 5.2% of all construction employees are women. Among the occupations least represented by females are plumbers, electricians, plasterers, heating engineers, and stonemasons.

Construction trade jobs present substantial advantages to women, with the average take-home pay surpassing that of service, retail, and professional sector employees working the same hours.

Mr Samson said that it was urgent that the construction industry attract more women, saying it was just as important as getting more women onto the boards of major companies.

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