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What is the difference between Patent defects and Latent defects?

What is a Latent Defect?

A Latent Defect is a problem that cannot be discovered by reasonable inspection, for example: problems with foundations which may not become apparent for several years after completion. When a latent defect becomes apparent, it becomes patent rather than latent.

What is a Patent Defect?

A Patent Defect is a problem that can be discovered by reasonable inspection, for example: a broken window or flooded basement.

How can you protect yourself against latent defects?

The best way to protect yourself against unforeseeable defects is to use a 10-year structural defects policy. After 10-years it is reasonable to expect any issues with a new building would have come to light.


Structural Defects Insurance

How long does Latent Defects Insurance last?

Structural Defects Insurance normally last around 10 years, effective from the completion date of the property. Some warranties may provide more cover in years one and two than they do in subsequent years.

Who needs latent defects insurance?

UK mortgage lenders should arrange Latent Defects Insurance from a recognised provider before they release funds for a property purchase. Cash buyers don’t need Latent Defects Insurance on a property that is less than 10 years old, but it still advisable to take out cover.

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