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Structural Defects Insurance: The Definitive Guide

What is Structural Defects Insurance?

Structural Defects Insurance is an insurance policy that covers a new building against defects and problems arising from the structural build of the project. The policy usually lasts for 10 years.

A Structural Defects Insurance Policy will protect you against some additional risks (more fully contained in the policy wording) that are not included in standard buildings insurance such as:

-        Foundations

-        External and internal load-bearing walls

-        Floors

-        Roof structures

-        Exterior wall face

-        Windows

-        External doors

-        Roof covering


So now we know what Structural Defects Insurance is, but what does it actually do?

What is Structural Defects Insurance for?

Structural Insurance is for the protection of house builders and home owners.

It is put in place to cover the cost of expensive repairs or rebuilding work that may occur in the first 10 years of a new building.

Faults can occur due to faulty materials or design flaws.

What is a Structural Defects Insurance policy?

Your Structural Defects  Insurance policy will be provided by an insurer such as CRL or NHBC and typically will cover structural defects that arise in your home for the first 10 years after construction.

What length of time will Structural Defects Insurance cover?

Usually 10 years from the date of the property completion.

Longer policies are also available that can cover 12 years or 15 years.

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When should a Structural Defects Insurance Policy be taken out?

Structural Insurance Defects policies are normally taken out at the start of the construction work but retrospective Structural Defects Insurance policies can also be arranged after the building is already completed.

What is a Structural Defects Insurance used for by mortgage lenders?

Mortgage lenders require structural defects Insurance to be in place before they will lend money for buyers to purchase a new home or one that is less than 10 years old.

Why do lenders require structural defects insurance?

The reason is that should a structural defect occur in this time period the home could be worth significantly less than the value the purchaser pays for the property and the sum the lender provides them in a mortgage.

A Structural Defects Insurance policy helps to mitigate this risk



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