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Initiative Launched to Get Women to the Top in Construction

Balfour Beatty will be working together with Construction Excellence, the best practice body for the UK construction industry, to create an initiative intended to produce more opportunities for women as construction bosses.

The goal of this new initiative is to put together guidelines for construction firms that will enable them to retain female engineers into their 30s and 40s and make it easier for these women to return to work after time away from their career.

Mr. Steve Tarr, who is major projects director at Balfour Beatty, said that a task force was being created to keep the agenda on track and create a blueprint for companies across the construction sector.

Mr. Tarr said it was time the construction industry united on the issue of women construction bosses and urged businesses to refrain from seeing it as an area where competition was recommended.

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He explained that this was an industry issue instead of a Balfour Beatty matter. There was no competition with Costain or any other firm in the industry. The competition existed instead with other professions, such as accountancy and banking.

Mr. Tarr was speaking at a breakfast event in London, which was attended by senior leaders in the UK construction industry. Constructing Excellence organised the event, with support from  Balfour Beatty, contractor Blu-3, and consultant Advance.

Mr. Norman Kerfoot, chairman for Advance, emphasised that the initiative would not be another simple case of talking shop. He said that Constructing Excellence would lead it as more of a delivery party than a working party.

Mr. Simon Flint, business development director at Blu-3, said that the brief was quite clear. The goal was to approach women in their 30s and make it possible to become construction CEOs in their 40s.

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