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Zoopla Reveals Brits To Be Property Voyeurs in January

When the winter blues are at their height in January, how do Britons raise their spirits? Property website Zoopla suggests that they jump online and indulge in their property fantasies.

The top 10 most viewed properties on the Zoopla portal are cumulatively worth £75m and include spacious rooms, private cinemas, vast wine cellars, and staff quarters, suggesting that January is a time for escapist dreams and imagining the ability to live beyond one’s means.

Five of the 10 most-viewed properties last month had over six bedrooms, and most also had private conservatories, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and a host of other luxurious amenities. One property even had a golf course of its own.

Eight of the properties were valued at more than £1m, which is a strong contrast to the £188,270 that represents the average price for a residential property in England and Wales.

Some of the Zoopla top 10 are listed below:

  • Walton-on Thames, Surrey: a six-bedroom detached valued at £4.95m. This particular home, which received 86,000 views for the entire month, has a wine cellar, an orangery, and accommodation for private staff.
  • Totteridge Green, London: 11-bedroom detached house valued at £19.95m. This home, which received 62,000 views, is set on 11.5 acres of land, has a swimming pool, bowling alley, and cinema.
  • East Preston, West Sussex: This home, which received 55,000 views and has a £1.595m, is within walking distance of a beach and includes a futuristic, open-plan kitchen.
  • Kingston, Surrey: Valued at £8.95m, this six-bedroom detached home boasts a private cinema, sauna, and bespoke wine cellar.
  • Totteridge Common, London: This large and luxurious eight-bedroom detached property, valued at £16.8m, has a swimming pool, health centre, six-car garage, and two lifts. It received 46,000 views in January.

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  • Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire: A four-bedroom detached property valued at £795,000, this home has a detached gym and hot tub. It received 35,000 views.
  • Poole, Dorset: Situated on the waterside, this £7.5m home has a bar, smoking room, private mooring, and an indoor swimming pool. It received 22,000 views last month.
  • Castel, Guernsey: This £12m six-bedroom home in Castel, Guernsey, has a party room, private cinema, and leisure facility with a pool.

Although most of these properties are only within the reach of the wealthy, the lifestyle they represent can be aspired to, and it seems like Britons spent time escaping the gloom of January by doing just that!


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