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Structural and latent defects insurance can sometimes be known in Ireland as HomeBonds insurance. As CRL was founded in Ireland we wanted to give you all the information about our structural defects (or home bonds) insurance.

CRL’s homebond structural warranty covers structural and latent defects for 10 years as standard, giving you peace of mind and insuring your work.

Our homebond structural warranties cover a variety of problems that you could encounter during and after you have finished your construction project, including:

Defects in design

These refer to any defects in the design of the building that may be discovered or arise during the build or after completion of the project.

Defects in materials

Materials may not show any signs of being defective at the time of building, but problems may arise after completion. Our self-build defects insurance covers the majority of materials used for a standard of ten years from completion of your project.

Defects in workmanship

Our homebonds structural defects insurance covers a variety of workmanship issues that may arise. Giving you hassle free protection should you encounter any problems.

home bonds

If you’d like more information on how our home bonds warranty compares to others, please contact us by clicking here.