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We hear you loud and clear

Drilling, Hammering, Sawing. Getting the job done. But what if you could get it done quicker, to higher standards, without cutting corners?

You know, just do away with all the unnecessary red tape.

Prepared to try a different way? We've got it covered.

Competitive Pricing

Speeding up process, removing unnecessary red tape we reduce costs and deliver you great value.

Dedicated Pricing

One-to-one dedicated service ensures we are there to help every step of the way to final certificate and beyond.

Speed of Quotes

We have honed, reduced and automated our systems, so the process is faster and more cost effective.

Quality Standards

Our in-house team of surveyors, with our innovative Inspections App Inspectis, gives you more accurate, timely reports.

Download the Red Tape Challenge Now

and see how quickly you can strip away the red tape. CRL are tearing away the red tape to deliver a more efficient, faster, easy approach to construction insurance.

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Learn how CRL are reducing the red tape and helping the industry...

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