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Structural defects insurance for developers

Most lenders require to see a structural defect insurance policy from a recognised provider before releasing funds. This applies to all new residential properties as well as properties which are less than 10 years old.

As such, there are two main reasons you’ll probably need structural defects insurance as a developer. Firstly, you’ll need cover if you need a mortgage to finance your building project or development. But even if you don’t need to borrow for your own development, you’ll likely need structural defects insurance if you have plans to sell the property on (within 10 years) to someone who might need a mortgage. So finding a recognised and credible structural defects insurance specialist becomes a crucial part of any sale.

Structural defects insurance for homeowners and self builders

For most of us, buying a property is typically the single biggest investment in our lives. And seeing as the cost of righting a structural defect could cost as much as £40,000 in some instances, an insurance policy gives you peace of mind.

Most mortgage lenders require structural defects cover to safeguard new residential property developments before they release funds. For self-builders, mortgage funds are normally released in instalments at different stages of construction – these stage payments are only released once the construction has passed a key stage technical site inspection.

So, finding a provider that is widely recognised will speed up the mortgage process.


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