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Protect yourself and your workers against compensation claims with Employer Liability Insurance.‬


Employer Liability Insurance is insurance designed to protect against expenses arising from employee illness or injury on-site. It also covers defence costs relating to criminal prosecution should an accident or injury occur due to a break in the law.

Your people are one of your biggest assets and investments. But they also carry risks. As their employer, you’re responsible for their personal safety in the workplace. Construction workers are at risk from all kinds of unpredictable events but falls from scaffolding, cranes, roofs and ladders are most common.

Whatever the accident – a fall, burn, break or shock, prevention is always better than cure. So before you reach a compensation case, ensure everything is in place to protect your staff with Employer Liability Insurance from a reputable company like CRL.

At CRL, we can deliver Employer Liability Insurance as an individual policy or together with Contractors’ All Risks Insurance.

Employer Liability Insurance

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Why Choose CRL?

We’re an established, trustworthy name in the industry and uniquely look at all cases individually. We’re transparent and deliver straight-talking, practical advice and solutions for every client and scenario. We’ll ensure your venture runs smoothly and hassle-free at every stage.

So whatever you’ve got planned, we have the expertise to provide you with an Employer Liability solution to suit your ambitious needs.

What does Employer Liability Insurance cover?

CRL will cover you against your legal liability to pay compensatory damages (including claimant costs fees and expenses) for accidental injury and/or damage occurring during the period of insurance in connection with the business within:

  • The Insured Territories
  • Elsewhere in the world in respect of liability arising out of temporary visits by Persons Employed, provided that the Person Employed is normally resident in the Insured Territories.


We’ll also pay Defence Costs in the defence or settlement of any claim.

Who needs Employer Liability Insurance?

  • Self-builders often assume the position of an employer, even when using contractors. So, even if you’re a self-builder using contractors, it’s actually a legal requirement for you to have Employer Liability insurance.
  • Those who employ one or more people, even on a part-time or short-term basis.
  • Those who have volunteer helpers or self-employed people working under your supervision.
  • Those who already have CRL Contractors’ All Risks or Public Liability Insurance.

Why do I need Employer Liability Insurance?

Even if you have every health and safety procedure in place, construction sites are still hazardous environments. And while you can never control the future, you can plan for it. Having Employer Liability Insurance is one of the best ways to do that.

That way, if a claim is raised, you’re ready to act and don’t lose time and money fretting over not being properly prepared.

Employer Liability Insurance

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