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Ensure you’re covered against Third Party injury and with Public Liability Insurance.


Public liability Insurance is insurance designed to protect you from claims by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities.  Reassuringly, it will cover the cost of compensation for: personal injuries, loss of or damage to property of a Third Party.

At CRL, we can deliver Public Liability Insurance as an individual policy or together with Contractors’ All Risks Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

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Why Choose CRL?

We’re an established, trustworthy name in the industry and uniquely look at all cases individually. We’re transparent and deliver straight-talking, practical advice and solutions for every client and scenario. We’ll ensure your venture runs smoothly and hassle-free at every stage.

So whatever you’ve got planned, we have the expertise to provide you with a Public Liability solution to suit your ambitious needs.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

You know how it is on-site. Ladders, cables, bricks and boards everywhere, everyone doing different jobs. One clumsy step could wind up in a compensation case that will cost you time and money.

Without Public Liability Insurance from a trusted company, you’re exposing your business to risks. Even unfounded claims can be costly. So safeguard yourself, your employees and anyone you work alongside for ultimate peace of mind.

Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

Customer-facing companies:
If clients, customers or members of the public come to your workplace or premise, you’ll want to cover yourself against unexpected accidents. Or perhaps you or your employees visit clients at their properties or maybe you supply to companies and deliver to their premises. When you’re in contact, you need cover.

Business owners:
If you’re a builder or developer with your own business, you don’t want to be treading on eggshells on-site. You want to build with confidence, avoiding compensation cases at all costs. Remember, Public Liability Insurance is not just a wise investment but a reassuring safety net should anything unexpected happen.

Whatever the size of your business, if you work with the public, you’re open to a Public Liability risk. So if you’re a contractor, it makes financial sense to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Imagine if your client wanders on-site while you’re not aware, slips on the tarpaulin and breaks their back. It’s low-risk but it’s still a risk. No one needs that kind of instability. Knowing you’re covered against a compensation case – whatever the circumstances – will give you the confidence to get on with the job.

Why do you need Public Liability Insurance?

Don’t be ‘that builder without Insurance’. Not only will you have to pay out, but also your reputation will be damaged. And a damaged reputation means no more recommendations.

Whatever the event, if someone working for you or someone you’ve come into contact with sustains a personal injury or property damage, they’re entitled to claim. Even if time has passed. Even if it’s out of the blue. Making sure you’re protected is the professional way to resolve complications before they even begin.

What cover does it provide?

CRL will cover you against your legal liability to pay compensatory damages (including claimant costs fees and expenses) for accidental injury and/or damage occurring during the period of insurance in connection with the business within:

  • The Insured Territories
  • Elsewhere in the world in respect of liability arising out of temporary visits by Persons Employed, provided that the Person Employed is normally resident in the Insured Territories.


We’ll also pay Defence Costs in the defence or settlement of any claim.

Public Liability Insurance

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