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Why should you
choose crl?

If you are building a residential property, it’s essential to have specialist building insurance. Our 10-year structural defects insurance for homeowners protects you and your properties from the majority of structural defects that may arise.

As construction insurance and building insurance specialists we pride ourselves on going where others won't, providing builders, developers and homeowners with the protection they need.


From homeowners to developers, find out how we can build better together.


  • "CRL is one of the Structural Defects Insurance providers that Clanmil works with as we progress the development of more great homes for people who need them in Northern Ireland"

  • "When sourcing the appropriate cover for our developments, CRL are able to take all of our requirements on board, unusual quirks of a build and ensure they have in place the highest quality standards and cover."

  • "We would recommend CRL to any residential developer or local builder that could benefit from the expertise of the team, to ensure the highest quality standards and cover."

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